Types of Motorcycle Chain Lube

A lot depends on the type of bike chain oil you have. O-ring chains use different seal cross-sections, while roller chains do not. Some manufacturers recommend specific lubes formulated for these chains, while others recommend a 90-weight gear oil. If you don’t know what kind of chain your bike has, you can also try cleaning it with kerosene, gasoline, or a high-flash-point solvent.

Choose A Chain Lube That Will Protect Your Chain From The Elements

One type of lubricant is a thick grease-type lube. Unlike liquid spray, paste lubes won’t drip. This is better for minimizing wastage and fly-off, but you’ll need more finesse to apply paste lube properly. Paste lubes usually last longer and have impressive anti-friction properties. But you should use them sparingly if you’re not an experienced rider.

Motorcycle chain lubes can improve performance and prevent sprocket wear and chain stretch. These products also prevent water and grime from sticking to the chain. Once you’ve applied the lube, it will dry into a waxy coating and repel water and dirt. Some wax-based products can also be used on standard chains. Regardless of the type of chain you have, always use a quality product to protect it from damage.

One of the most common types of motorcycle chain lubes is a spray lube. While spray lubes are easy to use, they can cause over-application or fling-off. Choose a spray lube that contains a drying agent. These types of lubes prevent corrosion by forming a wax-like coating on the chain. A good motorcycle chain lube will also extend the life of the chain by preventing rust and corrosion and keep its parts clean.