ClearCash review

In this ClearCash review, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of the personal loan provider. This loan provider offers a streamlined online application process, a reputable reputation, and a helpful FAQ page. While the application process may be longer than with most personal loan providers, it is still far more convenient than any other loan option. In addition, ClearCash accepts electronic copies of required documentation, including income tax returns and bank statements.

Receive Free Cashback When Shopping Online

You can apply for a ClearCash card online or by phone. They have a 100% approval rate, and all applicants are issued a unique account number and sort code. Benefits include Direct Debit and Standing Order facilities, up to four additional cardholders, a credit-building tool, and salary and benefits loading. ClearCash cardholders are also offered access to a dedicated cash back website. This is a fantastic perk because ClearCash customers can receive FREE cashback when shopping online.

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