Giftware has long been a very popular method of showing appreciation or even bribery, with special wines or figurines being presented as tokens of affection for various occasions. Examples of this can be found throughout history, with early examples originating in ancient cultures such as Egypt and Rome. It wasn’t until the middle part of the 20th century that giftware became much more widely available, and as the giftware industry grew it became an increasingly lucrative business for manufacturers. The giftware industry has not only become very lucrative over recent times but also seems to be on its way to becoming the dominant market for gifts, with sales figures proving it to be the largest sector in the UK. This link.


Examples of giftware from a previous era By 1970, Caufield’swas into general wholesale giftware, offering mainly to retailers for hospitals and other medical gift shops. Many of these sellers featured handbags, clothing, jewelry and other similar items. In addition to this they also included bottles of wine and champagne, and other alcoholic drinks such as whiskey. However, many retailers preferred to offer giftware without alcohol. This allows the purchaser to have a drink at the same time as receiving the gift.


However, it is now common practice to include the alcohol in these types of giftware items. Some people do this because they want to keep the cost down of their gift, although others do this because they feel the seller should receive a thank-you gift for providing this service. Some retailers do both, offering a bottle of wine and a gift voucher for their customers, although others may choose to only provide one. It is not uncommon to find supermarkets that run special gift shop deals, sometimes for a discounted price, where you can get either alcohol or giftware packaged in a deal. Other retailers may only run these types of deals if the recipient is a customer of theirs, and as such they may not provide a choice of giftware between a competitor.

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