staff health checks

Staff Health Checks are used daily by administrators to monitor the general health of every staff member, whether during the day or at night. Administrators can create their own staff health check or purchase staff health checks from the hospital or other medical facility that they work with. Typically, the hospital or medical facility will provide the information necessary for an administrative staff health check for a fee. The purpose of the staff health check is to let the administrator know if there are any problems that require immediate attention. This could be as simple as a single staff member having signs of stress or a general lack of interest in working. Other reasons may require the administrator to take more proactive steps to ensure that the organization is doing all that it can to maintain the well-being of its staff members.

How Staff Health Checks Can Benefit Employees

For organizations that do not require their staff health checks to be done on an individual basis, there are options available for workplace health checks that provide an administrator with a series of answers or questions to choose from. Some administrators prefer to have several answers provided and some would rather get a number of multiple choice answers. The multiple choice answers can then be combined to form a report that can be given to a senior manager or other higher authority. Alternatively, some workplaces may choose to ask their staff to complete the staff health check in a one or two-step form. The forms can ask about a range of topics, from smoking and drinking to general wellness and body mass index.


Employers who provide workplace health checks can also use the results to monitor the progress or lapse of performance of their employees. Administrators may work with their staff members to find ways to help improve their performance and provide better workplace health for all. These measures can include nutrition education for staff members and providing them with more opportunities to engage in physical activity or other exercises. Some studies indicate that performing daily exercise can increase the productivity of an organization’s workforce by as much as 15 percent. Regular exercise has also been shown to have positive benefits for overall health and wellbeing.

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