The Little Giants childcare centre Auburn, Washington. This centre provides quality child care for babies, toddlers and preschool children from birth to the age of six. Our care follows a structured, highly effective play-based approach and is carefully planned to meet each child’s unique developmental and educational needs. We provide a nurturing environment where children learn to interact with others, express their interests, build trust and confidence in themselves and with others, and learn about healthy ways of interacting with other children.

Little Giants Child Care Centres

Our Little Giants centres are home to some of the most talented people in the world. We employ well-trained and experienced staff members who know what they are doing and how to make it all work. Our childcare services include childcare workers, licensed daycare workers, registered Nurses, Baby Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. We also have a range of specialties including music therapists, physical therapists, teachers, and speech therapists who are fully qualified to care for your children.


Our Little Giants centres have been featured in publications such as “The Seattle Times” and “Parents have written to us, thanking us for our wonderful experience as the primary caregivers in their children’s centres. “I loved working with my staff and children in the childcare centre at Little Giants,” wrote one parent. “I can tell from personal experience that this center makes a difference in the lives of our children.” “As a proud mother of three children, I can honestly say that Little Giants was the best choice for our children,” another parent stated. “We were able to find a place that gave us flexibility and creativity while still providing excellent child care for our children.”

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