Finding a good pillow for your neck is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. It’s common knowledge that we spend a great deal of time in our high-loft, bedroom position. This position provides most of our body weight and most of our muscle tone, and our neck is the most supported part of our body. Because our neck is in this elongated position, it requires a good pillow that is well supported to provide proper support. Resource –

How to Find a Good Pillow Choice

Memory foam pillows provide excellent sleep comfort because they are contoured to your body, with each individual pillow having individually sculpted memory foam for optimal support. The unique, multi-layer design provides padding, which gives more density for extra firmness and less weight for less firmness. When your body is lying flat, as in when you are asleep, your neck muscles contract to support the weight of your head, and your spine then move forward. The problem with most pillows is that they are designed to allow your spine and neck to curve, allowing for less support. A good pillow provides spinal alignment, supporting the neck and providing good sleeping comfort and relaxation. When you’re choosing a memory foam pillow for your sleep position, you’ll also want one that is hypoallergenic, to keep you comfortable during the night.

If you want to get a good night’s sleep or feel better while you sleep you need to be using a proper pillow. Good sleep comfort comes from a good pillow choice. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a pillow without taking into consideration the thread count. The higher the thread count, the more comfortable your pillow will be. High thread count means your pillow will conform to your sleeping position for ultimate support.

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