Mobile Dog Grooming Company

Feb 3, 2021 Recreation

“Mobile Dog Grooming in Boise, Idaho is a service we provide to our clients that caters to their small dog needs.” says local mobile pet groomer Amy Shafer, Owner of Amy’s Pet Grooming Services, located in the foothills of the Snake River Valley just outside of Boise. “We offer a very affordable, no frills, pick-up and go service for both dogs and cats. Our business is open daily Monday through Saturday for pets, and by our own estimate we groom over 1000 animals a year.”

Mobile Dog Grooming Company

The other day I was talking with a local vet who has mobile dog grooming operations out there and he explained how he likes to make sure his animals are properly bathed and groomed. He also said that sometimes he has to bathe them at his home because of the air conditioning, and that it can be a real hassle for someone without his access. And what about air conditioning in the summer months when these animals need it? He replied, “Why not let them air condition their hair while they groom, that’s what I did with my dogs while I was in California!”

And when I talk to some of these local mobile pet groomers they mention that the only difference between grooming dogs at home vs. mobile dog grooming is the tools used. You may not realize this but many mobile pet groomers actually use the same professional tools that the pros use at the professional groomers they often refer to. And the only real difference in the grooming is that the client will be able to see their animal better because of having a mobile phone on the dog. One mobile dog grooming company states on their website that they “use only the best tools and equipment so your pet will look his or her best and be healthy”. And another mobile dog grooming company in Idaho states on their website that they “make every attempt to ensure the comfort of our pets, and to keep them happy and healthy throughout the grooming and caring process”.

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