A toy store is a kind of traditional retail business specializing in the sale of toys. Toy stores in New York City are often found in high-end shopping areas and are frequented by children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents. Often there are a toy store within a high-rise building, as well as multiple store locations throughout the city. They often carry popular brands like Leap Frog, Lego, Vtech, Mattel, Fisher-Price, and Sony. Some toy stores also display smaller brands. In recent years, video games have become quite popular in the toy store industry, and many toy stores now carry video games.

Toy Store Business

A toy store has two main categories: passive experiential retail and interactive retail. An experiential retail toy store features toys that do not need to be assembled, such as large theme park attractions or inflatable toys. Interactive retail, on the other hand, offers toys that need to be placed or played with, such as specially designed board games or computer games. Both passive and interactive retail categories are expanding rapidly as companies look for new ways to entertain customers.

Many toy stores offer special sales and coupons. They may run sales on the day of a big movie release, or they may offer an exclusive discount to their customers. New York toy stores are usually owned by individual owners, and many of them operate as small franchises. Most franchise owners either started the business themselves or bought out other small companies that own the same types of toy stores.

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